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Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <iwamatsu@...>

Hi Chris,

I am interested in this.
Do you still accept this?

Best regards,

2021年8月3日(火) 5:59 Chris Paterson <chris.paterson2@...>:

Hello all,

The KernelCI project has announced it's second hackfest in September.
The first one was pretty successful in getting some new features added to KernelCI, and the hope is the same will happen next time as well.

One hope from Alice and I is that we can get some CIP members involved to try and advance KernelCI + CIP integration/collaboration.
If you have any time available during the hackfest and would like to get involved, please let me and/or Guillaume know.

Kind regards, Chris

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Subject: [kernelci-members] KernelCI Hackfest #2 - Sept 6-10 2021

The first KernelCI hackfest[1] early June was successful in getting
a number of kernel developers to work alongside the core KernelCI
team. Test coverage was increased in particular with kselftest,
LTP, KUnit and a new test suite for libcamera. We're now improving
documentation and tooling to make it easier for anyone to get
started. Find out more about KernelCI on

The second hackfest is scheduled for the 6th-10th September. It
should be a good opportunity to start discussing and working on
upstream kernel testing topics ahead of the Linux Plumbers

Here's the project board where anyone can already add some ideas:

There is no registration system, but please reply to this email or
send a message on IRC (#kernelci or
if you would like to take part so you'll get email updates and
invitations to the meetings and open hours sessions online. You
may just drop in and out at any point during the hackfest as you
see fit.

The hackfest features:

* Daily open hours online using Big Blue Button to discuss things
and get support from the KernelCI team

* KernelCI team members available across most time zones to provide
quick feedback

* A curated list of topics and a project board to help set
objectives and coordinate efforts between all contributors

As always, KernelCI is at the service of the kernel community so
please share any feedback you may have to help shape this upcoming
hackfest in the best possible way.



Nobuhiro Iwamatsu

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