Re: -stable-rc tests failing

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu


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WARNING: Retrying...                                error=invalid argument
2170ERROR: Downloading artifacts from coordinator... error couldn't execute
GET against Get dial tcp: i/o timeout
id=1492901612 token=9gNGsuaZ
2171FATAL: invalid argument
Uploading artifacts for failed job

But I don't usually see this one:

Job #371616: Submitted
219Health: Unknown
220Device Type: r8a7743-iwg20d-q7
221Device: None
222Test: boot
226ERROR: Job failed: execution took longer than 2h0m0s seconds
It looks like the LAVA server has stopped processing jobs. Our queue has become very large!
I'll have to see what died and no doubt reboot it and the labs.

Sorry for the pain.
Thank you, it seems to be better now, and it looks like ctj_zynqmp is
available, too (I have not yet seen successful test, but it at least

But I still see problems with x86_qemu... the "2h timeout".
QEMU's queue is full. And QEMU of each lab is not working and it seems
that it can not be processed correctly.

Best regards,

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