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Nobuhiro Iwamatsu


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It is good to review "stable" patches soon, because such reviews are
more useful for the stable community, and because when bug is spotted,
it is easier to get patch dropped in the 5.10.X-rc phase than waiting
for 5.10.X release and then having patch reverted in 5.10.X+1.

Unfortunately, we don't have good system for coordinating reviews in
-rc phase.
It's different from the current system, but how about using patchwork?
Somehow forward the patch posted to stable@... as -rc to
cip-dev and review it at It doesn't meet all
requests because it can't be operated from the command line.

Also, as Ulrich wrote, I think it's a good idea to use gitlab.
I suggest a way to comment on the commit instead of using the gitlab wiki.
for example, we can comment on the following URL (commit). We need to investigate,
but I think it can be manipulated from the command line using Gitlab's
API or libraries.

There's a script ( that produces one-line-per-patch output
suitable for review. One possibility would be to have shared place
somewhere reviewers could tag "I'm working on these patches".

I don't believe lts-commit-list.git repository is suitable for that;
format suitable for review is different from what we have in
lts-commit-list, and there is going to be multiple updates per day in
busy periods.

We don't really need commit messages for this. Actually, we don't
really need to keep history, either. It would be good if system could
be controlled from command line for easy scripting.

Any ideas what kind of service could be used for this?
Best regards,

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