Quality of wireless drivers (rtl8821ae, ath10k, wl18xx)

Pavel Machek


On cip-members there's discussion about quality of selected wireless

AFAICT we are reviewing changes to those drivers on -stable series
(good). We are not testing the drivers in any meaningful way, and it
may be good to mark them built-in (=y, not modular) in some configs so
at least probing is tested. Proper testing would be quite hard, and
ammount of changes to them in stable probably does not require it.

To me it looks like wl18xx is getting very little changes; rtl8821ae
gets a bit more, but they are simple cleanups; only ath10k seems to be
under any kind of active development.

I have no experience with any of those drivers. I don't expect much
work would need to be done on any of these. If there's work I'd expect
ath10k to be slightly easier to work with.

Any comments?

Best regards,

* rtl8821ae (wifi + BT)



=> We should be reviewing it. We probably are not testing it at
all. Single change in 5.10-stable. Some developement from 4.19, but
looks mostly like staging-type cleanups.

* ath10k



=> We should be reviewing it. We probably are not testing it at
all. 19 patches in 5.10-stable. Under active development, changes from 4.19.

* wl18xx

(wl1837 hardware is handled by wl18xx driver.)




=> We should be reviewing it. We do some minimal testing by compiling
module in ZYNQMP configuration. No changes in 5.10-stable. Very few
changes from 4.19, mostly treewide cleanups.

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