New CVE entry this week

Masami Ichikawa

Hi !

It's this week's CVE report.

This week reported new CVEs.

* New CVEs

CVE-2021-41864: bpf: Fix integer overflow in prealloc_elems_and_freelist()

CVSS v3 score is not provided.

Patch 30e29a9a2bc6 (bpf: Fix integer overflow in prealloc_elems_and_freelist()
) fixes commit 557c0c6e7df8 ("bpf: convert stackmap to
pre-allocation") which has been introduced in 4.6-rc1. Therefore 4.4
kernel isn't affected this issue.

For 4.19 and 5.4, patch can be applied by "git am". For 4.9, patch can
be applied by "git am -3".

Fixed status

Fix patch has been merged into bpf tree, but not in the mainline yet.

CVE-2021-42008: net: 6pack: fix slab-out-of-bounds in decode_data

The 6pack module has slab out-of-bounds vulnerability in decode_data()
which allow local attacker can gain their privileges.
This bug has been fixed since 5.14-rc7. All stable kernels have
already been fixed.

Fixed status

cip/4.19: [4e370cc081a78ee23528311ca58fd98a06768ec7]
cip/4.19-rt: [4e370cc081a78ee23528311ca58fd98a06768ec7]
cip/4.4: [d66736076bd84742c18397785476e9a84d5b54ef]
cip/4.4-rt: [d66736076bd84742c18397785476e9a84d5b54ef]
mainline: [19d1532a187669ce86d5a2696eb7275310070793]
stable/4.14: [5e0e782874ad03ae6d47d3e55aff378da0b51104]
stable/4.19: [4e370cc081a78ee23528311ca58fd98a06768ec7]
stable/4.4: [d66736076bd84742c18397785476e9a84d5b54ef]
stable/4.9: [de9171c1d9a5c2c4c5ec5e64f420681f178152fa]
stable/5.10: [85e0518f181a0ff060f5543d2655fb841a83d653]
stable/5.4: [a73b9aa142691c2ae313980a8734997a78f74b22]

* Updated CVEs

CVE-2019-19449: mounting a crafted f2fs filesystem image can lead to
slab-out-of-bounds read access in f2fs_build_segment_manager in

This patch has been merged since 5.10-rc1.
For 5.4, patch can be applied via git-am. For 4.4 and 4.19, patch can
be applied via git-am with -3 option.

Fixed status

mainline: [3a22e9ac71585bcb7667e44641f1bbb25295f0ce]
stable/5.10: [3a22e9ac71585bcb7667e44641f1bbb25295f0ce]

CVE-2021-37159: net: hso: do not call unregister if not registered

4.14, 4.19, and 5.4 have been fixed. 4.4 and 4.9 haven't been fixed
yet. However, patch can be applied to 4.4 and 4.9 without any
modification. According to cip-kernel-config, no CIP member use HSO

Fixed status

mainline: [a6ecfb39ba9d7316057cea823b196b734f6b18ca]
stable/4.14: [4c0db9c4b3701c29f47bac0721e2f7d2b15d8edb]
stable/4.19: [f6cf22a1ef49f8e131f99c3f5fd80ab6b23a2d21]
stable/5.10: [115e4f5b64ae8d9dd933167cafe2070aaac45849]
stable/5.13: [eeaa4b8d1e2e6f10362673d283a97dccc7275afa]
stable/5.4: [fe57d53dd91d7823f1ceef5ea8e9458a4aeb47fa]

CVE-2021-38300: bpf, mips: Validate conditional branch offsets

This vulnerability is only affected to MIPS architecture. No cip
member use MIPS architecture.

5.10 has been fixed. Applying this fix to 4.4, 4.9, 4.19, and 5.4, it
needs to modify the patch.

Fixed status

mainline: [37cb28ec7d3a36a5bace7063a3dba633ab110f8b]
stable/5.10: [c61736a994fe68b0e5498e4e84e1c9108dc41075]

Currently tracking CVEs

CVE-2021-31615: Unencrypted Bluetooth Low Energy baseband links in
Bluetooth Core Specifications 4.0 through 5.2

There is no fix information.

CVE-2021-3640: UAF in sco_send_frame function

Fixed in bluetooth-next tree.

CVE-2020-26555: BR/EDR pin code pairing broken

No fix information

CVE-2020-26556: kernel: malleable commitment Bluetooth Mesh Provisioning

No fix information.

CVE-2020-26557: kernel: predictable Authvalue in Bluetooth Mesh
Provisioning Leads to MITM

No fix information.

CVE-2020-26559: kernel: Authvalue leak in Bluetooth Mesh Provisioning

No fix information.

CVE-2020-26560: kernel: impersonation attack in Bluetooth Mesh Provisioning

No fix information.


Masami Ichikawa
Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.


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