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On 07/11/17 09:47, Daniel Wagner wrote:
Hi Daniel,

On 11/07/2017 03:40 AM, Daniel Sangorrin wrote:
So my question is, couldn't we add additional network interface, e.g.
USB Ethernet adapter, and attach the device under test to this
interface? I don't know if Vagrant is offering such an option. In the
past I've done this with Qemu.
If your network is using the MAC address for authentication you could also
put the MAC address of your USB ethernet adapter into the Virtualbox
ethernet interface (adapter 2).
Unfortunately, we do have proper security in place :) The device needs
to do EAP and I don't think u-boot is able to this.

Having a dedicated network interface (maybe attached to a standalone
switch) has also the beauty that you have it complete under control what
is happening on the test network.
When designing B@D, we assumed the most simple network configuration. Since the system is based on a VM, the network set up is something that can be adapted. Looking at this assumption now, we probably were optimistic. Yes it can be customised, but the complexity might be high to expect a user to do it on her own.

Let's see how we can help. Probably the first step is clearly documenting the network set up we currently have in B@D pointing at the scripts responsible for such configuration. We will take decision from that point.

Robert, what is your take on this approach?

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