Re: New kernel patches review management

Ulrich Hecht

On 11/11/2021 7:29 AM Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <nobuhiro1.iwamatsu@...> wrote:
I considered using the gitlab wiki to switch the current patch review
management to another.

The gitlab wiki can be used as a regular git repository and can be
viewed from his browser by writing its contents in markdown.

e.g. git clone git@...:cip-project/cip-kernel/

It can be created using the API on the project wiki[0]. Since
namespaces are available, we can also create hierarchies such as
5.10.y/v5.10.77 [1].
The wiki page is first filled with the commit ID, then the CIP kernel
developer writes the name after the commit they plan to review.

The commit content of [1] is an example, so please let me know if you
have any opinions about the format and others.
It would be helpful if each line would also contain the commit title.
Other than that it looks good to me.


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