Re: [isar-cip-core]RFC v2 9/9] swupdate: Backport patches from SWUpdate Master

Jan Kiszka

On 17.11.21 12:36, Gylstorff Quirin wrote:

On 11/17/21 11:40 AM, Christian Storm via wrote:
From: Quirin Gylstorff <>

Backport the following patches to detect the correct partition to
388f1777 util: Add get_root source /proc/self/mountinfo
3914d2b7 util: Extend get_root to find LUKS devices
Why not upgrade to a newer version of SWUpdate instead of backporting
stuff? There's no real advantage to stay on a "release" as SWUpdate
follows rolling releases -- granted, you have to do the qualification
but that applies to "releases" as well...
The build of SWUpdate uses dpkg-gbp to follow the Debian build of
SWUpdate with sources from [1].

As Debian only follows fixed release , currently 2021.04, I patched the
This patchset is no longer necessary after Debian uses the next Release
SWUpdate version.
I agree that a single backport is better in this case. But as 2021.11 is
to appear soon, it may resolve this automatically for v3 already.


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