Re: Planned maintenance for lab-cip-renesas: 4-5th Dec

Chris Paterson

Hello Alice,

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Hello all,

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Hello all,

Just a heads up, on the weekend of the 4/5th December the Renesas
office will be undergoing maintenance on its power infrastructure.
As such I will be taking lab-cip-renesas offline for the weekend starting
Friday evening (UK time).
lab-cip-renesas is now offline until Monday morning (UK time).
lab-cip-renesas is now back online.
we still have some devices offline with no machine available:
I only have 1 of these in the lab, and the serial connection is really unreliable.
It's probably best to skip adding this to KernelCI.

We haven't got this booting yet.

Kind regards, Chris

As I'm adding this devices to KernelCI,
can we get it back online for testing ?

Cybertrust Japan Co.,Ltd.
Alice Ferrazzi

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