Re: B@D run on Renesas board - issue

Daniel Sangorrin <daniel.sangorrin@...>

Dear Trung san,

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Subject: RE: B@D run on Renesas board - issue

Hi Daniel, Robert,

We got into test section already, but have no idea why it attempts to execute the thing non-exist at all:
# /lava-237/bin/lava-test-runner /lava-237/0
as you can see our error log in attachment.
I also take example log over here
to see that it can create a directory by mkdir /lava-1

Could you please tell us what does it make scene? How can we fix it?
Thank you.
Please could you send the complete log?

P/S: healthcheck script same as Binh-san attached to you before
Did you make sure to uncomment the deploy section?


Best Regards,

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Hello Binh-san,

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Subject: Re: B@D run on Renesas board - issue

"Binh Thanh. Nguyen" <binh.nguyen.uw@...> writes:

Hello Daniel, Robert,

We are facing an issue when trying to run healthcheck using B@D on Renesas board.
I would like to attach the log and the healthcheck script (we
modified the healthcheck from Daniel)

The boot action was passed, but after that, look like LAVA cannot
send command to Board, only send "#" (it supposed to be "uname").
I wonder if you met same issue before?
And if possible, please give us any hints you may have for debugging this issue!

Best regards,
Binh Nguyen

Sorry for the delay in responding!

That test is missing a deploy section (all commented out) are you
trying to make the test too minimal? LAVA tends to swallow output if
it is what is expected.

As Robert said, please do not comment out the deploy section. LAVA does not just deploy the binaries as they are, it also copies some
scripts (LAVA Test shell) into the ramdisk (or network filesystem).
# LAVA does not use scp (or a serial protocol) to copy them into the target

For deploying you need a PDU (remote power switch). If you don't have one you need to buy one and then add the corresponding
# Note: I use an IP Power 9258 remote PDU.
# Note: do not think you can get around without a PDU*


*There are ways to do it but they have limitations

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