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Noriaki Fukuyasu <fukuyasu@...>

Hi Tiejun

Welcome to CIP developer community!
We are so happy to have an experienced kernel engineer like you!

We've doing several different sub projects centered toward SLTS and industrial grade linux, and in all the area, we will definitely need more help!

Ben, Daniel, Jan, Yoshi (or anyone)
Please chime in and suggest Teijun where might be the areas to start for him.



On Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 4:05 PM, Tiejun Chen <tiejunc@...> wrote:

I'm very interest in participating in CIP.

Name: Tiejun Chen
Company: VMware
Position/Role: Staff Engineer/Technical Leader
Why you are interested on: I'm working on some industrial IoT projects and explorations at VMware. It involves Linux development like trimming down/Paravirtualizing Preempt-RT Linux as Guest OS. And I'm also working on my personal Unikernel project, UniLinux, Unilernelize Linux. And,  I ever was responsible of Wind River Linux Kernel/BSP development including Preempt-RT kernel. After that I also working on enabling HW feature to KVM/Xen/Qemu at Intel OTC. So I'd like to continue this kind of job. Especially, I totally agree that we need this industrial grade Linux.

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