[isar-cip-core][PATCH v2 0/4] Add cip-core-image-kernelci building and uploading system

Alice Ferrazzi

This patch series add a new image with settings for

This new image is called cip-core-image-kernelci and is
based on isar-cip-core general image with some changes
needed for make it work with KernelCI and taken from
KernelCI image base settings.
The cip-core-image-kernelci images are built by GitlabCI
and uploaded to KernelCI production fileserver.

These patches are already integrated in the
isar-cip-core:alicef/kernelci_master_refactor repository branch
and are generating the images that are currently
used by KernelCI.

cip-core-image-kernelci as been tested and are
already used in KernelCI production with good results.

* drop trailing semicolon from gitlab-ci.yml

Alice Ferrazzi (4):
Add cip-core-image-kernelci
Add dmesg filter needed for lava test result
Add script deploy-kernelci.py for upload the cip-core-image-kernelci
enable cip-core-image-kernelci

.gitlab-ci.yml | 38 +++++++++++++
kas/opt/kernelci.yml | 16 ++++++
.../images/cip-core-image-kernelci.bb | 16 ++++++
.../files/99-silent-printk.conf | 1 +
.../kernelci-customizations/files/dmesg.sh | 23 ++++++++
.../kernelci-customizations/files/ethernet | 23 ++++++++
.../kernelci-customizations/files/postinst | 34 ++++++++++++
.../kernelci-customizations.bb | 35 ++++++++++++
scripts/deploy-kernelci.py | 55 +++++++++++++++++++
9 files changed, 241 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 kas/opt/kernelci.yml
create mode 100644 recipes-core/images/cip-core-image-kernelci.bb
create mode 100644 recipes-core/kernelci-customizations/files/99-silent-printk.conf
create mode 100644 recipes-core/kernelci-customizations/files/dmesg.sh
create mode 100644 recipes-core/kernelci-customizations/files/ethernet
create mode 100644 recipes-core/kernelci-customizations/files/postinst
create mode 100644 recipes-core/kernelci-customizations/kernelci-customizations.bb
create mode 100755 scripts/deploy-kernelci.py


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