Re: 4.4.X-stable and 4.4.X-rt maintainance ends in less than two weeks

Jan Kiszka

On 20.01.22 03:26, Masami Ichikawa wrote:
On Wed, Jan 19, 2022 at 11:12 PM Pavel Machek <pavel@...> wrote:


It looks like stable 4.4.X maintainence ends real soon now: . I talked to Greg and
it seems like plan is to end it at the beggining of month, rather than
Thank you for asking the actual EOL date.

That means we'll be on our own maintaining -cip and -cip-rt versions.

To review our 4.4 branch:

git log --pretty=oneline linux-4.4.y-cip-rebase

We have 757 patches on top of 4.4.216, and there are some 14000
patches between 4.4 and 4.4.216. Going forward, most new patches will
come from upstream.

We do some compile testing, but we only run run-time tests on two

Given that most of work we'll be doing will be maintaining -stable
patches, anyway, I believe it would make sense to step up as official
maintainers of 4.4.X-stable and 4.4.X-rt series. We'll need to do the
work, anyway, keeping -stable and -cip split will not result in much
overhead for us, and this way we'll get a lot of visibility for the
project, and hopefully a lot of additional testing.

Any thoughts?
I agree. The split -stable and -cip work sounds reasonable.
I think it would be helpful, if AUTOSEL system continues to pick
patches for 4.4 series.
I do agree that, if we need to integrate patches anyway, providing them as a prolonged LTS should not be extra effort. But what will and can people expect from that?

The original LTS kernels conceptually covers everything that is code-wise included. Our CIP kernels do not. While it might be still ok to fix trivial build issues or even runtime problems for things CIP does not cover in the configs when they only occasionally occur, we will not be able to commit on doing that all the time - resources are limited, and the focus needs to be on CIP-defined setups.


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