Re: [isar-cip-core][PATCH v2 0/4] Add cip-core-image-kernelci building and uploading system

Jan Kiszka

On 20.01.22 13:54, Alice Ferrazzi wrote:
This patch series add a new image with settings for
This new image is called cip-core-image-kernelci and is
based on isar-cip-core general image with some changes
needed for make it work with KernelCI and taken from
KernelCI image base settings.
The cip-core-image-kernelci images are built by GitlabCI
and uploaded to KernelCI production fileserver.
These patches are already integrated in the
isar-cip-core:alicef/kernelci_master_refactor repository branch
and are generating the images that are currently
used by KernelCI.
cip-core-image-kernelci as been tested and are
already used in KernelCI production with good results.
* drop trailing semicolon from gitlab-ci.yml
Didn't you also want to de-duplicate the customization recipe, build kernelci on top of the common one?


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