Re: [isar-cip-core][PATCH v2 0/4] Add cip-core-image-kernelci building and uploading system

Jan Kiszka

On 26.01.22 12:43, Alice Ferrazzi wrote:
On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 7:37 PM Jan Kiszka <> wrote:

On 26.01.22 11:27, Alice Ferrazzi wrote:
On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 6:37 PM Jan Kiszka <> wrote:

On 20.01.22 13:54, Alice Ferrazzi wrote:
This patch series add a new image with settings for

This new image is called cip-core-image-kernelci and is
based on isar-cip-core general image with some changes
needed for make it work with KernelCI and taken from
KernelCI image base settings.
The cip-core-image-kernelci images are built by GitlabCI
and uploaded to KernelCI production fileserver.

These patches are already integrated in the
isar-cip-core:alicef/kernelci_master_refactor repository branch
and are generating the images that are currently
used by KernelCI.

cip-core-image-kernelci as been tested and are
already used in KernelCI production with good results.

* drop trailing semicolon from gitlab-ci.yml
Didn't you also want to de-duplicate the customization recipe, build
kernelci on top of the common one?
from my understanding we decided to don't go in that way,
because changes in the common part could break the more generics
KernelCI settings.
Fork where there is relevant different, use the same one where there is
not. Duplicating files/99-silent-printk.conf and files/ethernet is
surely pointless. The latter will actually cause unneeded maintenance
efforts when adding new boards.

Please also avoid needless diffs between the recipes so that they can be
re-aligned easily when boards are added.

And I still think we will eventually miss the wireless setting from the
generic customization packages in kernelci, ie. the only real difference
in those recipes now.
Is not as we are adding script (please check the next commit).
KernelCI have a different environment than CIP current gitlab testing.
That's why the last time we decided to merge as is.
I misinterpreted this.

Then I'll merge and clean up on top. Duplications should be avoided where possible, and it is perfectly possible here, to a certain degree.


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