Re: Proposal: send gitlab notifications to this list

Wolfgang Mauerer <wm@...>

Hi Agustin,

Am 28/11/2016 um 10:47 schrieb Agustin Benito Bethencourt:

I think it would be positive to activate the mail notifications from
gitlab and send them to this list.

By activating them, you will be able to follow what is happening in our
repos through mail. Using filters in your e-mail client you can manage
the notification mails, so you "keep clean of notifications" this list
if you need to.

I believe the traffic will not be much for now so the traffic will be
affordable in a single list. We can move notifications to a new list
when the activity grows.

What do you think?
That's a good idea, albeit we could also think about doing development
completely kernel-style, with a review of patches on the mailing list
(the fact that a patch has been merged or a bug has been opened is IMHO
not as interesting as what should go into the repo).

Best regards, Wolfgang

Best Regards

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