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Dear Daniel Wagner,

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Hi Daniel,

On 12/14/2017 06:57 AM, Daniel Sangorrin wrote:
Hi Trung-san, Robert and all

I received the AWS credentials from Agustin and uploaded
the cip-core binaries for the Renesas iwg20m board.
Just out of curiosity: how did you build the root fs? The naming
indicates that you used Yocto. I am still setting up my test environment
for rt testing and wrote two kas files to create me a root fs:

They are not self contained yet. Will fixed that right now. The idea
that you can write

kas build kas-bbb.yml

and you get a root fs for testing.
The CIP Core rootfs was built using Deby (poky build system + meta-debian). You can see
a tutorial in the CIP wiki and a more up-to-date README and kas file in the source code.

An overview of the CIP Core is here:

For the BBB please check this other Readme and kas file:

You can add the packages "openssh nfs-utils rt-tests strace procps", they are available in meta-debian.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply add "meta-qt5" because it may conflict with meta-debian. Instead you
would need to use meta-debian qt5 recipes (only if you really need qt5 for testing RT).

Daniel Sangorrin

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