Re: Doing 4.4-cip release

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu

Hi Pavel,

Thank for your work.

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Subject: Doing 4.4-cip release


linux-4.4.y-cip tree should be up-to-date with changes from 4.9.305 and older.

I believe it may be good time to do 4.4.x release; last release of 4.4.y-cip was at
Feb 14, and 4.9.306 contains speculation fixes that are rather intrusive... so it
may be good time to test that we did a good job on the easy changes.
I see.
BTW, linux-4.4.y-st tree, do you have any idea to have a git tag? When merging into cip tree,
I think the tags make it easier to manage. For example, create a tag the string contained in
localversion-st file.

We do not have 4.9-rt release to work with, so doing 4.4-rt is not easy at the
moment, and it may be good to do non-rt release, first, anyway.
OK, I will prepare for the release.

Best regards,

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