Re: [PATCH 5.10.y-cip 15/39] mmc: renesas_sdhi: Add a condition of cmd/data timeout for retune

Pavel Machek


commit ed2fab9a8229cc70fe03032e48d0ec375df6013e upstream.

According to the datasheet, this controller needs retune when
cmd or data timeout happens. So, add a condition into
@@ -790,11 +792,19 @@ static bool renesas_sdhi_check_scc_error(struct tmio_mmc_host *host)
if (mmc_doing_tune(host->mmc))
return false;

+ if (((mrq->cmd->error == -ETIMEDOUT) ||
+ (mrq->data && mrq->data->error == -ETIMEDOUT)) &&
+ ((host->mmc->caps & MMC_CAP_NONREMOVABLE) ||
+ (host->ops.get_cd && host->ops.get_cd(host->mmc))))
+ ret |= true;
I'd preffer simple "ret = true" here.

Best regards,
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