[RESEND PATCH 5.10.y-cip 00/40] Add SD/eMMC support for Renesas RZ/G2L SoC

Lad Prabhakar

Hi All,

This patch series adds support for SD/eMMC on Renesas RZ/G2L SoC and
enables this interfaces on Renesas RZ/G2L SMARC EVK.

All the patches have been cherry picked from v5.17 release.

Resending as I had missed a patch (0001) earlier, reset of the patches
havent been changed. And also for some reason patches didnt make into


Biju Das (9):
mmc: tmio: reinit card irqs in reset routine
clk: renesas: rzg2l: Add SDHI clk mux support
clk: renesas: r9a07g044: Add SDHI clock and reset entries
dt-bindings: mmc: renesas,sdhi: Fix dtbs-check warning
dt-bindings: mmc: renesas,sdhi: Document RZ/G2L bindings
dt-bindings: mmc: renesas,sdhi: Rename RZ/G2L clocks
arm64: dts: renesas: r9a07g044: Add SDHI nodes
arm64: dts: renesas: rzg2l-smarc-som: Enable eMMC on SMARC platform
arm64: dts: renesas: rzg2l-smarc: Enable microSD on SMARC platform

Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
clk: renesas: rzg2l: Add missing kerneldoc for resets

Lad Prabhakar (2):
clk: renesas: rzg2l: Check return value of pm_genpd_init()
clk: renesas: rzg2l: propagate return value

Masaharu Hayakawa (1):
mmc: tmio: Add data timeout error detection

Rob Herring (2):
dt-bindings: Fix errors in 'if' schemas
dt-bindings: Drop redundant minItems/maxItems

Takeshi Saito (1):
mmc: tmio: restore bus width when resetting

Wolfram Sang (22):
mmc: renesas_sdhi: only reset SCC when its pointer is populated
mmc: renesas_sdhi: probe into TMIO after SCC parameters have been
mmc: renesas_sdhi: populate SCC pointer at the proper place
mmc: renesas_sdhi: simplify reset routine a little
mmc: renesas_sdhi: clear TAPEN when resetting, too
mmc: renesas_sdhi: merge the SCC reset functions
mmc: renesas_sdhi: remove superfluous SCLKEN
mmc: renesas_sdhi: improve HOST_MODE usage
mmc: renesas_sdhi: don't hardcode SDIF values
mmc: renesas_sdhi: sort includes
mmc: tmio: set max_busy_timeout
mmc: tmio: add hook for custom busy_wait calculation
mmc: renesas_sdhi: populate hook for longer busy_wait
mmc: tmio: support custom irq masks
mmc: renesas_sdhi: use custom mask for TMIO_MASK_ALL
mmc: tmio: abort DMA before reset
mmc: renesas_sdhi: break SCC reset into own function
mmc: renesas_sdhi: do hard reset if possible
mmc: tmio: always flag retune when resetting and a card is present
mmc: tmio: always restore irq register
mmc: tmio: reenable card irqs after the reset callback
dt-bindings: mmc: renesas,sdhi: Add optional SDnH clock

Yoshihiro Shimoda (2):
mmc: renesas_internal_dmac: add pre_req and post_req support
mmc: renesas_sdhi: Add a condition of cmd/data timeout for retune

.../devicetree/bindings/mmc/renesas,sdhi.yaml | 153 ++++++++++++------
arch/arm64/boot/dts/renesas/r9a07g044.dtsi | 32 ++++
.../boot/dts/renesas/rzg2l-smarc-som.dtsi | 143 ++++++++++++++++
arch/arm64/boot/dts/renesas/rzg2l-smarc.dtsi | 62 +++++++
drivers/clk/renesas/r9a07g044-cpg.c | 36 +++++
drivers/clk/renesas/rzg2l-cpg.c | 136 +++++++++++++++-
drivers/clk/renesas/rzg2l-cpg.h | 19 +++
drivers/mmc/host/Kconfig | 1 +
drivers/mmc/host/renesas_sdhi.h | 2 +
drivers/mmc/host/renesas_sdhi_core.c | 153 ++++++++++++------
drivers/mmc/host/renesas_sdhi_internal_dmac.c | 91 ++++++++++-
drivers/mmc/host/tmio_mmc.h | 11 +-
drivers/mmc/host/tmio_mmc_core.c | 88 ++++++----
drivers/mmc/host/uniphier-sd.c | 1 +
include/linux/mfd/tmio.h | 7 +-
15 files changed, 794 insertions(+), 141 deletions(-)


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