Re: 5.10.110-rc2 mirroring/testing

Jan Kiszka

On 07.04.22 12:36, Chris Paterson wrote:

From: Chris Paterson
Sent: 07 April 2022 09:51

Hello Pavel,

From: Jan Kiszka <jan.kiszka@...>
Sent: 07 April 2022 07:44

On 07.04.22 00:06, Pavel Machek wrote:

5.10.110-rc2 is out, and it would be good to test it, but somehow we
are still at -rc1...?


Does mirroring need to be kicked again?
As Jan hinted, the mirroring has stopped because the linux-stable-rc
repository has now gone over the 10GB size limit.

I guess we could remove all the branches/tags we don't care about, then
protect the branches we do care about (LTS) and configure GitLab to only
mirror protected branches?
Hopefully that'll reduce the size a lot and mirroring will work again.
I've gone through and deleted all the tags/branches we don't care about but GitLab hasn’t updated their storage calculations yet.
For now we'll have to wait until they recalculate. Hopefully the repo size will drop enough.

The alternative is that CIP buys extra storage, but I'm not sure if that's done at the top-level for all of cip-project and the individual project limit of 10GB still applies.
Or we could ask - as an OSS project - for extra benefits. Gitlab offers
this, we just didn't apply for it yet:

I'm not yet spotting if that would raise storage quotas, though.


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