Re: 5.10.110-rc2 mirroring/testing

Chris Paterson

Hi Pavel,

From: Pavel Machek <pavel@...>
Sent: 08 April 2022 16:59


5.10.110-rc2 is out, and it would be good to test it, but somehow we
are still at -rc1...?
Already linux-stable-rc uses 11G by now.
I see there are some changes:

but it seems to say "authored 12 minutes ago". Hour ago it also said
"authored 12 minutes ago", so I believe it will not be able to finish
the tests.
Today I've implemented a new triggering method for our stable-rc testing.

Originally we had a linux-stable-rc mirror that sent a webhook/trigger to linux-stable-rc-ci when there was an update.
This was the only purpose for CIP to have a copy of the linux-stable-rc repository.

The new method instead just polls the linux-stable-rc repository directly.
If there is an update then the usual build jobs are kicked off.

Downsides of the new approach:
- Currently polling is set to once every 2 hours, so potentially it's slower then the old method (I think GitLab mirrors poll every 30 minutes).
- Because I just use git remote-ls to see if there is an update to upstream linux-stable-rc, we don't have as detailed information in the linux-stable-rc-ci commits. We only have the SHA.
Inside the jobs however we can see the actual log oneliner to help identify the RC version.
Old: Linux 4.4.302 (a09b2d8f61ea)
New: Upstream SHA: a09b2d8f61ea

Upsides of the new approach:
+ We no longer need linux-stable-rc - we could delete this repo and stop all the warnings/errors from it being too large.
+ The new trigger method has much less data transfer. We don't need to clone all of the branches from linux-stable-rc just to see if there is an update.

The trigger has already built all 4 LTS trees we monitor and build/test jobs have gone through.
You can see the latest here:

In the background I'm trying to follow the steps in [0] to reduce our original linux-stable-rc repo size, but perhaps we're better off killing it.
I've no idea if this will have an impact on anyone else though?


There are probably many other ways of doing things, but today this is what I've come up with :)

Kind regards, Chris

Best regards,
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