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Dear Daniel

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Subject: RE: [cip-dev] B@D: iwg20m support

Dear Trung san,

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Please let me confirm just in case. Am I right if I say that you
plan to you submit not only the kernel configuration flags but also test dependency definitions to cip core, and the corresponding yaml files for B@D?.
If that's correct I will be glad to accept them.
Yes, we would love to be apart in B@D with our contribution for who need to take our test suites as a testing plan.
We do not promise this is to become excellent suites but we do our
best to have a good things that somebody to think about at first
OK, that's great!

Regarding shmobile_defconfig, attachment shows up for you.
Thanks, you only changed these flags right?
You're right, the cip-core I pulled down from global site without
changing anything, it just be changed those flags and built under standalone of Linaro's cross compiler.
I just realized that you might be using the wrong branch of cip-core. You should be using the "master" branch not the "jethro"
one which was used and frozen for the cip-core release and the quickstart wiki page (the master branch depends on "morty").
The jethro branch was using a non-official CIP kernel repository ( but on the master branch we are using the official CIP kernel. For that reason, shmobile_defconfig on the main branch is different and some drivers have not been merged yet.
Please could you check which branch you are using?
Is v4.4.55-cip3 the "Jethro" one? Because I saw this is the build I was use.

I have added your kernel configuration changes:
Please let me know if that works for you.
Anyway, let get back to master branch with flags from your suggestion, the issue seems get to worse than previous one:
After uboot pull necessary packages on RAM up, it get stuck at:

Starting kernel ...

Nothing print out after this, so we didn't explore what occurring
I also tried to test with v4.4.83-cip8 if any possibility to solve the problem but same things

Could you show me how you built cip-core using Linaro's cross compiler?
By the way, cip-core builds its own toolchain, are you using Linaro's to reduce build time?
In circle development process, we build up our target packages by Yocto
But for this cip-core testing with B@D, I'm using the compiler which to be installed via Ubuntu's repository:
gcc version 4.8.4 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.1)


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Subject: Re: [cip-dev] B@D: iwg20m support

Dear Daniel Wagner,

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Subject: Re: [cip-dev] B@D: iwg20m support

Hi Daniel,

On 12/14/2017 06:57 AM, Daniel Sangorrin wrote:
Hi Trung-san, Robert and all

I received the AWS credentials from Agustin and uploaded
the cip-core binaries for the Renesas iwg20m board.
p- co re /iwg20m/core-image-minimal-iwg20m.cpio.gz
Just out of curiosity: how did you build the root fs? The
naming indicates that you used Yocto. I am still setting up
my test environment for rt testing and wrote two kas files to create me a root fs:

They are not self contained yet. Will fixed that right now.
The idea that you can write

kas build kas-bbb.yml

and you get a root fs for testing.
The CIP Core rootfs was built using Deby (poky build system +
meta-debian). You can see a tutorial in the CIP wiki and a more up-to- date README and kas file in the source code.

An overview of the CIP Core is here:
or e

For the BBB please check this other Readme and kas file:

You can add the packages "openssh nfs-utils rt-tests strace procps", they are available in meta-debian.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply add "meta-qt5" because it may
conflict with meta-debian. Instead you would need to use meta- debian qt5 recipes (only if you really need qt5 for testing RT).

Daniel Sangorrin

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