Re: CIP IRC weekly meeting today on

Pavel Machek


Last meeting minutes:
IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm unfortunately not able to run the meeting myself
today due to an appointment conflict (damn DST...). Could someone else
from the kernel team take over again? Thanks in advance.
After DST shift, 13 UTC is not really great time for me, either. 12
UTC would be better, 9 or 10 UTC would be even better. I don't propose
shifting today's meeting, but should we talk about shift?
Forgot to follow up on this:

Are there any concerns among our participants to move this by one hour
Not from me.

If no, the next logical question would then be:

Stick with one hour earlier, or will this cause conflicts again on the
end of DST in Autumn?
My preferences are:

best/1: permanently one hour earlier.

2: one hour earlier at least during DST.

3: current time.

Best regards,
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