Re: [PATCH 5.10.y-cip 04/24] ASoC: sh: Add RZ/G2L SSIF-2 driver

Pavel Machek


I guess there was two comments hidden in the quoted text. I'm not sure
if you noticed them?

Best regards,

+#define SSIFSR_TDC_MASK 0x3f
+#define SSIFSR_TDC_SHIFT 24
+#define SSIFSR_RDC_MASK 0x3f
+#define SSIFSR_TDC(x) (((x) & 0x1f) << 24)
This is not used.
If you use it, you can use SSIFSR_TDC_SHIFT and SSIFSR_TDC_MASK.

+#define SSIFSR_TDE BIT(16)
+#define SSIFSR_RDC(x) (((x) & 0x1f) << 8)
Same above.
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