Re: 4.19 oopses on socfpga

Pavel Machek


There's oops during boot on socfpga:

4.19.240-cip72-00010-g0ffbb4b1066 --
4.19.240-rc1-g5e5c9d690926 --

This commit may be relevant:

commit e2423aa174e6c3e9805e96db778245ba73cdd88c
net: ethernet: stmmac: fix altr_tse_pcs function when using a fixed-link
[ Upstream commit a6aaa00324240967272b451bfa772547bd576ee6 ]

Let me investigate a bit more.
I tried to do some testing, but it fails on two targets:

And failed test says:

ob error: Invalid job data: ["Resource unavailable at

which sounds like a test problem, not kernel problem.

Any ideas?

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