Reported 4.4.y-st issue from Flamefire #cip

Chris Paterson

Hello kernel team,

An has been reported an issue with 4.4.y-st on IRC.
Forwarding it here so all can see.

Hi guys. I can't make it to the meeting(s) but wanted to let you know that a recent commit to the 4.4.y-st branch (and potentially others) introduced an annoying bug. Commit link:

The issue is that "val > mc->platform_max" check which would need to be adjusted by "min" as done for a similar function in

Others already did that (e.g. but I've only found a mention in the kernel ML but seemingly it wasn't resolved

This bug (in short) e.g. leads to wired headsets being unusable on phones using this kernel. Due to the to-eager check the mic volume isn't changed leading to a feedback loop.
Hope that helps.

Thank you Flamefire for reporting!

Kind regards, Chris

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