Re: [isar-cip-core][RFC 0/4] Adapt isar-cip-core to ISAR IMAGE_CMD_*

Quirin Gylstorff

On 6/3/22 17:27, Jan Kiszka wrote:
On 03.06.22 13:56, Quirin Gylstorff wrote:
From: Quirin Gylstorff <quirin.gylstorff@...>

This series adapt isar-cip-core to the IMAGE_CMD_* introduced in
ISAR commit [1]. See also ISAR API changelog[2].

This new feature remove the *.img from all wic images.

Also as new naming convention image recipes no longer end with `-img`.

The image types wic-swu-img and secure-wic-swu-img were removed.
Rename `squashfs-img` to squashfs according new naming scheme.

To use squashfs include:

IMAGE_CLASSES += "squashfs"
IMAGE_TYPEDEP_wic += "squashfs"

To create a verity based image to following line need to be added
to the local.conf or similar configuration:

IMAGE_CLASSES += "verity"

The modifications for a read-only root file system are now part
of a bbclass which can be include directly into the image

The modifications to generate a SWUpdate update package are
also no longer part of the image build process and in a seperate
bbclass. This class needs to be included in the image recipe.

Please check/test the interface changes for swupdate and read-only root
file system.

I tested qemu-amd64/qemu-arm64 with swupdate and secure boot.



Quirin Gylstorff (4):
ISAR update adapt to new image names
Adapt swupdate and verity to use new IMAGE_CMD_*
scripts/deploy-cip-core: Adapt to new image names
Thanks for this update. I'll have a look and also try to apply it to
meta-iot2050 as test case.
One question: Is the series bisection-safe, or are the patches 3 and 4
needed to build again. Patch 2 is likely needed to run the result again
after patch 1, right?
I tried to make the patches bisection-safe. The build should work but the verity and swupdate functionality is not available after patch 1.
patch 1 and 3 are the main changes.

I will re-oder the patches.

patches 2 and 4 are adaptation of scripts (qemu and ci chain).

I found some errors in the CI build and will send an update. The errors
are in kas/opt/wic-targz-img.yml and kas/opt/targz-img.yml.


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