Re: [ANNOUNCE] 4.4.112-cip18-rt11

Daniel Wagner <daniel.wagner@...>

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for letting me know. The correct URL is
Sorry, but there is no " patch-4.4.112-cip18.xz" on that URL either.
Argh :) This should read patch-4.4.112-cip18-rt11.patch.xz

Also shouldn't we have 3 patches? lts + cip + rt
I just create the patches on top of the CIP version.
Oh, I see. the vanilla linux url (linux-4.4.tar.xz) confused me.
Then, what we should use is this, right?:
Yes. these are the right URLs.

The scripts for
this are the ones we use for the stable-rt trees. I don't know the
patches are useful or not. I don't mind dropping the patch services if
no one needs it. Neither Greg nor Ben are creating patch releases so
doing the cip-rt patches seems like a waste of time.
Personally, I don't mind if you stop releasing the patches. I have tested
the cip-rt kernel from your git tree and so far I didn't have problems
with long real-time latencies. I also confirmed that meltdown is fixed.
Right, I'll stop doing the patches.

Good to hear that the cip-rt works for you!


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