Re: Meltdown and Spectre in CIP

Ben Hutchings <ben.hutchings@...>

On Tue, 2018-01-16 at 08:01 +0000, Chris Paterson wrote:
- arm 32-bit: Not affected?  (ARM reports that only the Cortex-A75 is
  affected, but I haven't seen information from other architecture
ARM also lists that meltdown subvariant '3a' affects some arm 32-bit
processors [1], but say that "In general, it is not believed that
software mitigations for this issue are necessary".

The whitepaper ARM link to [2] implies that ARM don't think this is
an issue worth worrying about as the information that can be obtained
from the system registers is "not material".

Have you heard/seen anything to contradict this statement?
No I haven't.

Will you be keeping an eye on Spectre patches on behalf of CIP as
part of your maintainer role? I guess you may be in the loop a bit
more than the rest of us?
I will look at the mitigations as they land upstream, but I still think
these are low priority security issues for CIP.


Ben Hutchings
Software Developer, Codethink Ltd.

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