Codethink: report weeks 6 and 7

Agustín Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...>


this is a summary of the CIP related work we've done the last couple of weeks:

## Kernel maintenance

* Reviewed patches from Renesas to add support for SMP and I²C masters
on R8A7743 SoC, and applied them to the CIP kernel branch

* Reviewed Robert's merge request for B@D

* Discussed opportunities for CIP member participation at DebConf

* Reviewed the changes in stable release 4.4.113 (but didn't yet merge

## CIP testing

* Went through the open tickets and sent to backlog all those that are related
with B@D development.
** Confirmed #157 is still an issue:
** Unable to replicate #170 so far:

* Working on #173 opened by Zoran:

* B@D working with new kernelci version. Consolidation required.
** Latest kernel tested and report by e-mail sent to mailing list.

* Relaxed permissions in /etc/linaro to adapt them to B@D use case #165:

* Busybox updated to a newer version.

## Others

* Updated milestones in the CIP testing project to adapt them to the new
maintenance mode.

* Although our participation was approved, in the last minute a collision in
my schedule prevent me from attending to OpenExpo in Madrid. No one else can
so I communicated to the organization we cannot attend.

* Open question: should we send Gitlab notifications to the mailing list?

As usual you can fin more accurate info about our work by reading the journal:

Best Regards
Agustín Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant
Codethink Ltd

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