Re: qemu-arm not working with 5.10.126-cip11

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu

Hi Jan,

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Subject: Re: qemu-arm not working with 5.10.126-cip11

On 05.07.22 16:03, Jan Kiszka wrote:
Hi all,

it /seems/ (still double-checking) that there is a regression in
latest 5.10-cip regarding the qemu-arm target as built and run via
isar-cip-core. Not getting any outputs from the kernel. Just rolled
back from next to master in isar-cip-core, and it works again. Any
ideas or similar observations?
Not a kernel issue, regression of cip-kernel-config, namely [1]:
CONFIG_ARCH_VIRT is lost. Now trying to understand why that happened.
When I ran savedefconfig in my environment, ARCH_VIRT was set.
You probably generated a defconfig that you ran without setting ARCH=arm.


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