Re: Features backports

Yoshitake Kobayashi


Since the Intel Apollo Lake has already released, we started to check the
patches for that. I think the basic functionality has already upstreamed
and it might be enough for expected use cases.

I continue to clarify more details.

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On 2016/11/18 21:26, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:

as you probably know, the more features we backport, the higher will be the maintenance cost overtime so as a strategy, we need to be very conservative.

I sent a mail some days ago about the features backported already by Linaro for their LSK (Linaro Stable Kernel) for your evaluation. I bring today some potential backports related with security features and hardware support that has been identified by Ben H.

* UBSAN support:

* Increased user-space ASLR range for ARM:

* Page poisoning on free:

* SLAB/SLUB freelist randomisation

* Hardened usercopy

* Do Members use SLUB? if not, we should take a look at KASAN support for SLAB

* drm/tilcdc update? (many bug fixes post-4.4)

* AM33xx RTC support:


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