[ANNOUNCE] Release v4.19.252-cip78 and v5.10.131-cip13

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu

Hi all,

CIP kernel team has released Linux kernel v4.19.252-cip78 and v5.10.131-cip13.
The linux-4.19.y-cip tree has been updated base version from v4.19.251 to v4.19.252,
and the linux-5.10.y-cip tree has been updated base version from v5.10.129 to v5.10.131.

In 5.10.y-cip, fixes such as thermal, watchdog, ASoC, iiic for RZ/V2L as Renesas ARM64 SoC
have been applied.

You can get this release via the git tree at:

commit hash:
Fixed CVEs:
CVE-2021-33655: fbcon: Disallow setting font bigger than screen size
added commits:
CIP: Bump version suffix to -cip78 after merge from stable

commit hash:
Fixed CVEs:
CVE-2021-33655: fbcon: Disallow setting font bigger than screen size
CVE-2022-34918: netfilter: nf_tables: stricter validation of element data
added commits:
CIP: Bump version suffix to -cip13 after merge from stable with some updates
arm64: dts: renesas: rzg2l-smarc: Move pinctrl definitions
arm64: dts: renesas: Fix pin controller node names
i2c: riic: Simplify reset handling
reset: renesas: Check return value of reset_control_deassert()
reset: renesas: Fix Runtime PM usage
iio: adc: rzg2l_adc: add missing fwnode_handle_put() in rzg2l_adc_parse_properties()
iio: adc: rzg2l_adc: Fix typo
iio: adc: rzg2l_adc: Remove unnecessary print function dev_err()
ASoC: sh: rz-ssi: Release the DMA channels in rz_ssi_probe() error path
ASoC: sh: rz-ssi: Propagate error codes returned from platform_get_irq_byname()
ASoC: sh: rz-ssi: Drop SSIFSR_TDC and SSIFSR_RDC macros
dt-bindings: pinctrl: renesas,rzg2l-pinctrl: Add description for power-source property
reset: Kconfig: Make RESET_RZG2L_USBPHY_CTRL depend on ARCH_RZG2L
dmaengine: sh: Kconfig: Make RZ_DMAC depend on ARCH_RZG2L
dmaengine: sh: Kconfig: Add ARCH_R9A07G054 dependency for RZ_DMAC config option
iio: adc: Kconfig: Make RZG2L_ADC depend on ARCH_RZG2L
dt-bindings: dma: rz-dmac: Document RZ/V2L SoC
ASoC: sh: Make SND_SOC_RZ depend on ARCH_RZG2L
soc: renesas: Kconfig: Introduce ARCH_RZG2L config option
soc: renesas: Kconfig: Explicitly select PM and PM_GENERIC_DOMAINS configs
soc: renesas: Add support for reading product revision for RZ/G2L family
soc: renesas: Identify RZ/V2L SoC
dt-bindings: power: renesas,rzg2l-sysc: Document RZ/V2L SoC
soc: renesas: Consolidate product register handling
watchdog: rzg2l_wdt: Add set_timeout callback
watchdog: rzg2l_wdt: Use force reset for WDT reset
watchdog: rzg2l_wdt: Add error check for reset_control_deassert
watchdog: rzg2l_wdt: Fix reset control imbalance
watchdog: rzg2l_wdt: Fix 'BUG: Invalid wait context'
watchdog: rzg2l_wdt: Fix Runtime PM usage
watchdog: rzg2l_wdt: Fix 32bit overflow issue
arm64: defconfig: Enable additional support for Renesas platforms
thermal/drivers/rz2gl: Fix OTP Calibration Register values
thermal/drivers/rz2gl: Add error check for reset_control_deassert()
thermal/drivers: Add TSU driver for RZ/G2L
units: Add SI metric prefix definitions

Best regards,

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