Re: [ANNOUNCE] Release v4.19.259-cip82 and v5.10.145-cip17

Pavel Machek


The linux-4.19.y-cip tree has been updated base version from
v4.19.257 to v4.19.259, and the linux-5.10.y-cip tree has been
updated base version from
v5.10.140 to v5.10.145.

Right, I forgot to push to repository...
I pushed yesterday afternoon (14:00 JST), so it is updated.
I see the updates now.

There's good match of v5.10.145-cip17, v5.10.145-rt74, I'll likely get
advantage of that.

On 4.19 side, last -rt is Aug 13, Linux 4.19.255-rt113. I'd like
matchig -cip release when next 4.19-rt is released.

Thank you and best regards,
DENX Software Engineering GmbH, Managing Director: Wolfgang Denk
HRB 165235 Munich, Office: Kirchenstr.5, D-82194 Groebenzell, Germany

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