Re: Progress on the CIP kernel maintenance and testing for your ELC talk

Yoshitake Kobayashi

Hi Agustin,

Thanks a lot. I will include it to my slide.

Best regards,

On 2018/03/13 23:58, Agustín Benito Bethencourt wrote:
Hi Yoshi,

since you usually provide an update of the technical work done within CIP in
your talks, here are some bullet points you can add in tomorrow's talk at ELC
if you like.

## Kernel maintenance

* CIP 4.4.120-cip20 released last week.


Comment: Ben Hutchings, from Codethink, releases a kernel version every 4 to 6
weeks approx., depending on the amount and relevance of upstream patches
landing on 4.4 LTS. Ben H. collaborates in the 4.4 LTS process directly.

* Effort in ensuring Meltdown and Spectre fixes land in the CIP kernel and CIP
Members are informed about the current situation.

* Review of platform specific backported patches, specially from Renesas

Comment: Renesas backports patches to 4.4 from mainline that are reviewed and
merged into CIP kernel when appropriate.

* CIP 4.4.120-cip120-rt13 released

Link: git://

Comment: I would name Daniel Wagner, Siemens, as maintainer and say a few
words about the release process if you have time.

## Kernel testing

* B@D is being updated to include the latest kernelci


* Work in progress to support Renesas iw20gm in B@D in the coming weeks.


* Improvements in networking and Vagrant configurations.

* Next steps: deployment through containers.

* B@D description and deploy.



Any additional feedback from participants on this list is welcome.

Best Regards

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