Notes from realtime meeting, questions for companies using realtime

Pavel Machek


This week I attended virtual RT meeting, and have couple of notes, and
couple of questions.

Intel was biggest sponsor of RT, and they are decreasing their
funding. So RT project is looking for ... more funding. If we can
provide funding, or know someone who could, there might be good time
to step in.

They still believe most of RT patch can be merged in 5.10, which would
be around end of 2020. But there was interesting question "which
architecture(s) would be present in initial merge". And it looks like
x86 is the initial target (which kind of makes sense given that Intel
is/was the biggest sponsor, and it is "main" Linux architecture; otoh
I'd say x86 is not exactly suitable for realtime/safety related
tasks...). ARM32 and ARM64 is on the radar.

It would be interesting to know:

## Who is using RT in production? On what architectures?

## Is someone planning RT use? If so, on what architectures?

There will be RT microconference (on Plumbers, IIRC). RT project
believes it would be cool if someone from industry stepped up and
explained how they use RT. (It would be interesting for me, too, so it
sounds like a good idea). Is someone willing to do that?

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)