New security issues

Pavel Machek


My notes are below. On IRC, I wrongly assumed that "CAN BCM" refers to
some kind of driver. Unfortunately, it is generic code, and it is used
by some of our configs. This is in early stages, it is not even fixed
in Linus' tree at the moment AFAICS.

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* 2021-06-23

CVE-2021-33624 -- speculative execution on BPF. Fun.

CVE-2021-3609 -- CAN BCM local priviledge
escalation. net/can/bcm.c. local to root. Fun!

CVE-2021-3612 -- drivers/input/joydev.c .

* 2021-06-24

CVE-2021-3600 -- More eBPF issues. 4.19+, hopefully.

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