FYI: meta-spdxscanner with meta-debian/deby

Masami Ichikawa

Hello !

I modified meta-spdxscanner warrior branch[1] to work with meta-debian.
I tested meta-debian and deby(cip-core/deby). I could build without
errors building core-image-minimal with do_spdx task on both
deby-tiny(DISTRO=deby-tine) and deby(DISTRO=deby) distributions. The
do_spdx task seems working.

From output of spdx files, I can see following lines.



FileName: spdx_temp/openssl-1.1.1d/include/openssl/x509_vfy.h
SPDXID: SPDXRef-item195247
FileChecksum: SHA1: 5dca1c0a935f3f075642539d399e7c6969ff1214
FileChecksum: MD5: 99fd343f8b3970195c79684291fb6fc9
LicenseConcluded: NOASSERTION
LicenseInfoInFile: LicenseRef-UnclassifiedLicense
FileCopyrightText: <text> Copyright 1995-2019 The OpenSSL Project
Authors. All Rights Reserved. </text>



FileName: spdx_temp/coreutils-8.30/src/expand-common.c
SPDXID: SPDXRef-item396438
FileChecksum: SHA1: a11068900b49e7c1732f096ca21ccd1343375eeb
FileChecksum: MD5: 4a6529ea8806170c9be8169a29360fd8
LicenseConcluded: NOASSERTION
LicenseInfoInFile: GPL-3.0+
FileCopyrightText: <text> Copyright (C) 1989-2018 Free Software
Foundation, Inc. </text>

I use following tools and version/revision for fossology related tools.

* fossology

Docker image tag 3.3.0[2].

* fossdriver

master branch commit 18410187b0a90654510f34dd783b456c53e681dd [3].

unfortunately, I'm not sure how to add fossdriver to kas docker
container, so I didn't use docker to build image.



Masami Ichikawa
Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.

Email :masami.ichikawa@...