[Consultation][Patches] IEC-62443-4-2 CR 4.1 Information Confidentiality

Djuned Djusdek <djunedfernando.djusdek.wz@...>

Hello CIP Core-WG and CIP Kernel-WG,

(CC CIP Security-WG).


Thank you for your help every time.

This is Djuned (CIP Security-WG) from Renesas,


To comply IEC-62443-4-2 CR 4.1 Information Confidentiality requirements for Data-at-rest,

CIP Security-WG performed analysis and decided to employ cryptsetup package.


To support and verify this package, we have discussion and report here:


Besides, we prepared series of patches:




Now, we ask for your help to check/review our patches before we create Pull-Requests.

Thank you,


with Best Regards,


Djuned Fernando DJUSDEK (Mr.)


Software Business Development Department

Enterprise Infrastructure Business Division

IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit

Renesas Electronics Corporation