CIP endeavor decision

Matthias Tafelmeier <matthias.tafelmeier@...>


who I am: I work as a operartions engineer at a data centre in Europe
and formerly I worked for several years as a development engineer in SDN
networking area.

Your project has caught my attention for its corageous mission. I am
strongly interested in bringing forward civic from a computing
technicial perspective and I see me fit to do so.

I haven't had any experience in working in linux collab projects yet and
there are quite many projects in linux collab. So to help me decide if
participating in your project is the right endeavor for me: please,
answer me a few questions, although those can seem a little blunt.

Is it at all imperative for you gathering together individuals to solve
technicial intricacies or is it rather a tightly financial sponsor
interests guided project, and therefore for the members of the sponsors?
Are extraneous forces really welcome?

To what level in software terms do you want to bring about innovations?
You are speaking abstractly about a platform and glue mechanisms. To
what extend? Down to the driver level?

Are there opportunities for individuals or is it rather meant to cheaply
tap into ressources? Can one ascend therein?


Matthias Tafelmeier