CIP update 08 WK 03

Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...>


this is the report from the activities that Codethink is driving on and or involved. This week is not that we worked more but that we completed more tasks.

++ Meetings

* Members meeting on Monday January 16th
** ELC booth/sponsorship logistics as main topic
** Report about testing and kernel maintenance efforts.

* Next Members meeting on Monday January 23rd
** Ben Hutchings attending to provide update about the kernel maintenance effort

++ Kernel maintenance

* 4.4 CIP kernel updated to the latest LTS.

* Backported patches being merged.

* Kernel maintenance policies under review.

The goal is to arrive to ELC with the policies finished and the backported patches merged. Some additional tasks might be done meanwhile.

++ Testing: Board @desk - Single Developer

* KernelCI Virtual Machine Setup & Configuration Howto published[1]
** You can follow other tasks related with the beta release in the ticket #10

* Improvements in the Kernel CI & LAVA v2 configuration.
** LAVA v2 Web Server now sees the devices that are available in the application #4
** LAVA v2 tests now complete #5
** QEMU health check are executing and does not get a KVM kernel module related error any more. #8 #9
** KernelCI VM now boots in Debian Jessie #12

* Beta release initially set for February 4th #10
** The plan at this point is to release right before ELC.

++ Other topics

* Robert Marshall has is no longer part of the team. Christos Karamitsos has substituted him. Chris is also based in Manchester. He will be focused in the issues we have in the kernelci front and back-en related with DDBB.
** Thanks Robert for your effort in pushing the development further. Welcome Christos. Please introduce yourself to the audience (when you recover from that flu).

* Ben H. and Don Brown has now edit access to the public wiki. If you have a Linux Foundation ID, please review if you have them too. If not, please let us know through this list. #11

* Agustin (and Yoshi) will attend to FOSDEM. What about you?

++ Coming activities

* Investigate DDBB related issues #2 and #3

* Consolidate the KernelCI & LAVA v2 servers into one VM #12

* Add documentation #10

* Preparation of the slides for the Open Source Leadership Summit (Agustin and Nori).



Best Regards

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink