FYI: Building CIP Core image for RZ/G2M

Kazuhiro Hayashi

Hello Hung-san, Kent,

Here is the basic step to build CIP Core image for RZ/G2M
using isar-cip-core:

$ ./kas-container menu
Target board => HopeRun HiHope-RZ/G2M
Save & Build

The recent log of the build CI is here [1].

In the menu above, the following options are available for several targets, but
not for G2M board at the moment because it's not in the available (supported) target list yet [2].

* SWUpdate support for root partition
* Secure boot support

As the first step, need to manually enable the IMAGE_SWUPDATE feature then build.

$ ./kas-container build kas-cip.yml:kas/board/hihope-rzg2m.yml:kas/opt/ebg-swu.yml

Of course, the command above should fail because the required settings/adjustments
like these files [3][4] need to be newly implemented for G2M [5].


Best regards,