telnet connection and bbb testing

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Our bbb_debian_ramdisk_test2.yaml has a auto_login section defining a
login prompt username and password - was this approach tried and abandoned before
starting to use keeping a telnet session active on the beaglebone-black
Hi Robert,

Yes. I started with the test tutorial here:
You will notice that there is no login or password.

When I had problems getting the test to properly log in to the BBB, I copied and modified the script into
'bbb_debian_ramdisk_test2.yaml' to include the username and password. It didn't work at the time, but that was some
time ago when I knew less about LAVA.

For everyone's benefit:
The requirement of needing to log into the Beaglebone-Black (BBB) as root prior to running a test is a small, but very
annoying and persistent problem that Christos and I ran into when we first started to test live on the BBB. If you watch
the log file of the health check as it is being executed, you'll see that the script makes the connection to the BBB, but then
it gets hung up. It needs to send a carriage return to the BBB prior to applying the username and password since that is
what we have to do when we are trying to telnet into the BBB manually.

I'm trying to solve this by writing an 'expect' script that will:
1.) Make the connection to the BBB
2.) Wait for something like "'^]'" to be displayed and then wait a second or two
3.) Send the '\r' to the BBB so it advances to the "login:" prompt
4.) Return control back to the Test Script where it *should* issue the username and password.

If this approach works, I *think* we can call the expect script in place of the 'telnet localhost 8020' - and we can update
the Device Dictionary so LAVA runs the new command too.

I hope that helps!
I'm now using this script - using expect - a wrapper around the telnet
connection_command and getting fairly consistent health check successes
without any manual intervention with the Beaglebone black