xfs/setgid rewrite in 5.10 was Re: [cip-dev] New CVE entries this week

Pavel Machek


It's this week's CVE report.

This week reported 6 new CVEs and 2 updated CVEs.

* New CVEs
There is something going on with xfs/chown/setgit and probably
overlayfs. These are from 5.10.176 review:

|73894b749 e014f3 o: 5.10| xfs: use setattr_copy to set vfs inode attributes
|be9c3268a 2b3416 o: 5.10| fs: add mode_strip_sgid() helper
|5b02d54d5 1639a4 o: 5.10| fs: move S_ISGID stripping into the vfs_*() helpers
|b5eea92ad 11c2a8 o: 5.10| attr: add in_group_or_capable()
|9a856d215 e243e3 o: 5.10| fs: move should_remove_suid()
|bba459793 72ae01 o: 5.10| attr: add setattr_should_drop_sgid()
|c2abc5886 ed5a70 o: 5.10| attr: use consistent sgid stripping checks
|215bf9f27 8d84e3 o: 5.10| fs: use consistent setgid checks in is_sxid()
|1c7588d55 b0463b o: 5.10| xfs: remove xfs_setattr_time() declaration

If you are using xfs or overlayfs, you may want to investigate.

If someone has corresponding CVE entry, that would be nice, too.

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