[PATCH 20/25] gpio-exar/8250-exar: Do not even instantiate a GPIO device for Commtech cards By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 21/25] gpio: exar: Fix iomap request By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 22/25] gpio-exar/8250-exar: Rearrange gpiochip parenthood By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 23/25] serial: exar: Factor out platform hooks By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 24/25] gpio-exar/8250-exar: Make set of exported GPIOs configurable By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 25/25] serial: exar: Add support for IOT2040 device By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 01/14] efi: Move efi_status_to_err() to drivers/firmware/efi/ By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 02/14] efi: Add 'capsule' update support By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 03/14] x86/efi: Force EFI reboot to process pending capsules By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 04/14] efi: Add misc char driver interface to update EFI firmware By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 05/14] efi/capsule: Move 'capsule' to the stack in efi_capsule_supported() By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 06/14] efi/capsule: Allocate whole capsule into virtual memory By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 07/14] efi/capsule: Fix return code on failing kmap/vmap By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 08/14] efi/capsule: Remove pr_debug() on ENOMEM or EFAULT By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 09/14] efi/capsule: Clean up pr_err/_info() messages By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 10/14] efi/capsule: Adjust return type of efi_capsule_setup_info() By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 11/14] efi/capsule-loader: Use a cached copy of the capsule header By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 12/14] efi/capsule-loader: Redirect calls to efi_capsule_setup_info() via weak alias By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 13/14] efi/capsule-loader: Use page addresses rather than struct page pointers By Jan Kiszka ·
[PATCH 14/14] efi/capsule: Add support for Quark security header By Jan Kiszka ·