[cip-dev] CIP software updates report

diego.ml diego.ml at zoho.com
Thu May 9 21:13:04 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I've seen your CIP software updates report published here:

One thing I'd like to point out regarding SWUpdate's "bad point: depends on libubootenv which needs to be rebuilt for each target" is that this issue is well on its way to being solved.
Stefano Babic, SWUpdate creator and maintainer, started a new project called "libubootenv", a standalone replacement for U-Boot built-in libubootenv:
This project aims to solve the need to rebuild SWUpdate any time the default env changes.

Building SWUpdate 2019.04 with CONFIG_UBOOT_NEWAPI like this:
will make use of the standalone libubootenv library, and will read default initial environment from "/etc/u-boot-initial-env".

Diego Rondini

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