[cip-dev] MDS and other speculation issues

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Hi Ben,

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> As with the earlier speculation vulnerabilities, I don't believe that
> MDS should be a particularly severe issue for CIP-based systems.
> Nevertheless, I have prepared a backport of the mitigations for MDS (and
> some changes to the mitigations for other speculation issues) for 4.4.
> This was included in 4.4.180-rc1, which is out for review now.  I did
> not have the chance to test this thoroughly, so review and testing are
> needed.

Thank you for your work and information.
I'm just looking into a test tool for this issue, but please let me know what
you already know.

There is a spectre-meltdown-checker, but we can not do a detailed test with this.

> Ben.
Best regards,

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